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Frequently asked questions
Do you offer group discounts for bulk SELECT WITH WHICH YOU WANT TO PAY
CHAT https://t.me/TEMPLASSS
MESSAGE https://t.me/CIBERH7

I would like to discuss a custom order/special request or an order of more than 50 people
If you have an order over 50 or a large custom order, please visit our Contact Us page and write in the subject line “50+ or ​​custom order” and give us details of exactly what you are looking for and your budget and we will do our best. for this to happen!

How long does shipping take?
The average is 1-3 days.

On average, it takes 1-3 days to complete your order and 1-2 days for the postman. If your ID hasn’t arrived within 5 days of placing your order, we’ll resend it free of charge no questions asked.

**Very important** If you move within 30 days, for example, you move from school to your home and you have less than a month to go, please also request the express option or request that your request be sent to your new address.

Can I check the status of my order?
If you have waited more than 15 days, yes! If you have waited 5 days, NO!

How exactly is it shipped?
We ship the product discreetly in envelopes, sometimes bubble envelopes if it is a group order. There are no markings on the outside to indicate the contents of the envelope. Your privacy is also our concern!

What forms of payment do you accept?
We now accept cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin Litecoin bitcoin cas(BTC TRX BCH LTC). We accept payments through CashApp,. You can use your credit/debit card with CashApp.

Do you accept gift cards, Canadian wire transfers, or Venmo?
Unfortunately we do not.

Wait, what is a Bitcoin and how do I buy it?
Find everything you need to know about bitcoins here

Why should I buy from you?
We strive for two things:
#1 100% customer satisfaction.
#2 The best replica IDs your money can buy.

We pride ourselves on making our IDs so close to the real thing you can’t tell the difference. We have been doing this for quite some time. Our experience means quality. With us, you will receive a premium product, stealthy shipping, and top-notch customer service.

Scan ID?
YES! All barcodes on the back of the IDs have been successfully programmed with the information you provide us. We guarantee this function. You can even try them for yourself!

Do your IDs have UV?
Yes. All of our IDs are color and UV appropriate to match the condition you ordered. Please see our example photos on the product you are interested in.

do you have holo?
Yes. All of our holograms are professionally printed overseas and applied with care and attention to ensure there are no air bubbles.

What happens if there is an error in my identification?
We keep all orders on file for 30 days. If the error is ours, we will gladly correct it and send it back free of charge. If the mistake is yours, we can fix it for free or we can charge a $20 edit, depending on the workload for that week. The $20 covers our production team’s time, we don’t make any profit from your mistake.

What is a Bitcoin and how do I buy it?
Find everything you need to know about bitcoins here.

What currency are your prices in?
Our prices are all in USD to BTC. You can check the current exchange rate here: www.preev.com

How are IDs sent?
We ship IDs discreetly. There are no markings on the package to indicate that you have ordered a novelty ID.

Are you from China?
NO! We ship from North America. We guarantee 100% the arrival of your order in a timely manner.

Do you send status updates and tracking numbers?
No. This is not Uber Eats or Amazon Prime. You place your order, we place your order and we send your order. It is very simple and it works.

Is this legit?
In most places, owning or having a novelty ID is perfectly legal. Using a novelty ID to break the law is, of course, illegal.

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